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    Welcome to the Crump Spurlock Blog

    Differences Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

    October 18th, 2023
    Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are long-term housing and care options for older adults and persons with special needs. Although people sometimes use the terms assisted living and nursing home synonymously, they are…

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    Three Things to Know About Being and Executor

    An executor is a person or entity you choose to carry out your last wishes outlined in your will. Your executor should be someone you trust is responsible enough to manage your estate after you pass away. Choosing an executor is a big decision when…

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    Spending Down Stimulus Money When You are Receiving Medicaid

    May 12th, 2021
    Individuals receiving long-term care Medicaid assistance must keep their “savings (resources)” below $2,000.00 each month. This does not seem like it would be difficult however, it can be a daunting task when all of your needs are being met by…

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    Medicaid’s Coverage of Nursing Home Care

    April 26th, 2021
    For better or for worse, Medicaid is the primary method of paying for nursing home care in the United States. But navigating the Medicaid system is complicated and confusing. Here are the basics. Medicaid (sometimes called by other names, such as…

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    Watch Out for These Potential Problems with Life Estates

    April 19th, 2021
    Life estates can be an excellent tool for Medicaid planning, probate avoidance and tax efficiency, but there are potential problems to look out for. Knowing the implications and risks of a life estate is essential in determining whether it is…

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    Paying Taxes When Selling an Inherited Vacation House

    April 12th, 2021
    While it may seem great to inherit a vacation house, in actuality it may not be practical to keep the property, especially for tax reasons. There are many factors to consider when inheriting property, including taxes, any mortgage, and other…

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    A Modest Social Security Increase for 2021

    April 5th, 2021
    The Social Security Administration has announced a 1.3 percent rise in benefits in 2021, an increase even smaller than last year’s. Cost-of-living increases are tied to the consumer price index, and a modest upturn in inflation rates and gas…

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    Using Estate Planning to Prepare for Medicaid

    March 25th, 2021
    Long-term care involves not only a loss of personal autonomy; it also comes at a tremendous financial price. Proper planning can help your family prepare for the financial toll and protect assets for future generations. Long-term care can be very…

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    Please use the form below to send us an Email. We can also be reached at 859-988-2005. We look forward to hearing from you.

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